Deployment Script Generator

Using this tool you can automate the creation of database update scripts in a Deployment Model and create new entities in a model by importing their definition based on the database tables.

When opened the tool will give you an overview:

  • Objects missing in the database,
  • Objects missing in the application,
  • Objects that exist in both places but are different.

Supported Object Types

  • Tables
  • Columns
  • Foreign key constraints
  • Indexes

Supported Outputs

Using the tool you can generate the following scripts:

  • CREATE TABLE scripts for added entities
  • ALTER TABLE ADD <column> scripts for added fields
  • ALTER TABLE ADD CONSTRAINT for added foreign keys
  • CREATE INDEX for added indexes

You cannot use the tool to generate ALTER statements for changed column definitions or DROP statements for deleted columns or tables. You need to add these scripts manually by clicking on the deployment version and selecting New > Service Command Update Activity.

Generating Entities From Existing Database Tables

When you have an existing database table from which you need to generate an entity you can do it by following these steps:

  1. Open the Deployment Script Generator.
  2. Change view to Missing in Model.
  3. Select the entities you want to import to the data model.
  4. Click Add to Model button.

Entities will be automatically created based on the database model.