Different Color on lock column in grid

I have one idea abou lock and hidden field in grid in flash client.
Lock or disable field in grid have same color as active column. This is a little problem and some people trying add data to this field.

If the lock field have other color or some highlight, it will be better. Could you thinking about it? We are discuss about it last week.

In form is it OK, because lock column is greyed and hidden field is hidden (unexpectly).

Any chance you could post an example picture?

On screenshot is same form - first in grid, second in form. For contact type ‘telefon’ all field for address is locked (yellow highlight), but it have same backgroud as active field.

I meant an example how you imagine it should look. The best would be to see several lines with different fields “locked”.

Grey field without text - hidden, grey field with text - read only. Same as in form view.

Could you work more on the mock-up? E.g. how should it display when the row is selected (blue in your case)? Also I don’t like much the dark grey, I think it does not matter for the user if the field is hidden or just read-only. I propose to unify and only have one kind of “read-only”.

Could you produce a mock-up where read-only fields will be darker blue for the selected row and light grey for the other rows?