Disable workflow trace on a specific site

We need to make sure there is not tracing workflow at all (since there is a lot of workflows run and the db space runs out of the reasonable limits very soon).

Proposal of functionality:

  1. Add a new option DisableTraceWorkflow to AsapSettings.config
  2. implement the new option in origam workflow engine

@washi, @tvavrda, @jsusen
Hi guys, I would start with this simple functionality, we can change it/extend in the future. If you have something against it or other proposal, please react quickly, otherwise Jindra is going to implement it this way.

The requested functionality has been implemented. The option in AsapSettings.config is called “TraceEnabled”, default value is True.

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Note, that you have to use numerical values (0,1) in AsapSettings when enabling/disabling tracing instead of literal True/False.

That shoudn’t be the case. true and false are working as well.