Docker structure

System Requirements

A Origam Server running on Linux system Debian 10 Buster. The Origam server are build in DotnetCore 5.0 (backend) and TypeScript, Javascript (frontend). Docker server is here.

Origam Directory Structure

Origam Root Directory


The Root Directory run under a origam user account. The origam user has access to root privilleges over sudo.
The reasons to use root privileges are

  • Time Zone
  • Set nginx Configuration



There is root directory of frontend.



Model is putted over git. There are two options. https protocol or ssh settings.

Customize configuration


This configuration is for setup appsetings.json ,OrigamSettings.json, nginx configuration,log4net.conbfig.
The Goal is that you can customize configuration for specific run (ie. for test and production use different connection to database with one model). Configuration is putted same as model over git.

Configuration Files

These are couple of important files for setup Origam Server.

  • appsetings.json
  • OrigamSettings.config
  • log4net.config


This file set basic parameters of the Origam Server.

  • path to Main frontend
  • path to Chat frontend
  • Jwt certificate
  • loging over third side (google login)
  • User Lockout Config
  • Password parameters (UpperCase,Lenght,etc)
  • Mail config
  • Internet url (i.e
  • Api options (setup prefix for Private Route and Public Route)
  • Language Config (laguage options + reset password text, DateFormat for each language)

Default configuration:


  • PasswordForJwtCertificate - generate every start container.
  • ExternalDomain will be overwite by enviroment.
  • pathchatapp will be overwite by enviroment.
  • chatinterval will be overwite by enviroment (default 10s ).


This file setup Database connection and model connection.

  • Path to model
  • Database Data Connection string
  • Title text of Internet Browser
  • Enable External Work Queue
  • Report Definition Path

MS SQL Default Settings

PostgreSQL Default Settings


The variables start with OrigamSettings_* will we overwrite with enviroments after start docker containder.

The Docker Enviroment Variables

For security reason the most parameters could set over enviroments (login and password for Database Connection, git login and password or ssh key).

GIT Model

  • gitPullOnStart=true/false

    Enable/Disable - download model over git.

GIT Model Over HTTP

Environment Variable Value Description
gitUrl Git Url https://github/model.git
gitUsername git login
gitPassword git password

Get Model Over SSH

Environment Variable Value Description
gitSshUrl Git SSH Url
gitSshKey SSH key
gitSshDomain Domain Domain from gitSshUrl E.g.

The key needs to be encrypted in base64. The docker decrypts and uses this key. After using it the key is deleted.

GIT Custom Configuration Files

It is used customize configuration you can setup everything over configure files(not recommended) or can use enviroments for critical parameters(login, password).

This configuration is in /home/origam/HTML5/configuredata/origam and there can put OrigamSettings.conf , appsetings.conf, reverse-proxy.conf and so on.

Environment Variable Value Description
gitConfPullOnStart true/false Same as gitPullOnStart. But for download customize configuration over git
gitConfUrl url E.g. https://github/myorg/Configuration.git
gitConfUsername Username Database User
gitConfPassword Password Database User Password

OrigamSettings.conf Environment Variables

Environment Variable Value Description
OrigamSettings_SetOnStart true/false Enable setup OrigamSettings over Enviroments
OrigamSettings_SchemaExtensionGuid guid Guid Main Package
OrigamSettings_DbHost Database Ip E.g.
OrigamSettings_DbPort Database Port Eg. 1433
OrigamSettings_DbUsername Database User Login
OrigamSettings_DbPassword Database User Password
DatabaseName Database Name
OrigamSettings_ModelName ModelName ModelName is name of directory where model is. (https://github/model.git → ModelName = model)
DatabaseType mssql/postgresql Type of Database
ExternalDomain_SetOnStart External Url
CustomAssetsConfig__PathToCustomAssetsFolder Absolute Path /home/origam/HTML5/data/origam/customAssets You can put here logo for loginPage and Web application .
CustomAssetsConfig__RouteToCustomAssetsFolder /customAssets Routing Custom Assets Folder
CustomAssetsConfig__IdentityGuiLogoUrl Relative Path /customAssets/login-logo-dev.png
CustomAssetsConfig__Html5ClientLogoUrl Relative Path /customAssets/login-logo-dev.png
OrigamSettings_ReportDefinitionsPath The reports absolute path. There will be all report which the server use for generate reports.

Other Environment Variables

  • TZ=Europe/Prague
  • EnableChat=true/false

    Enable/Disable Chat modul.(Model have to contain)

appsettings.json Environment Variables

You can change everything in appsetting.conf by the enviroments.
For Example mail server configuration:


Docker Port

The Docker expose two ports 80 and 8080.
On Port 8080 listen OrigamServer by Kestrel web server.
On port 80 listen Nginx reverse proxy.
The reverse proxy connect to port 8080 (Origam Server) inside docker.
You can use your own nginx,apache with your specific settings and skip this nginx and connect to port 8080.


You can configure The Nginx over reverse-proxy.conf or you can create your own nginx server and connect to the Origam server dirrectly to 8080 port. For more check the nginx configuration.

The nginx default option:

  • proxy timenout 360 second
  • max body size 10M