Duplicated row is not visible after browser refresh

To reproduce:

  • Open screen “Master-Detail Lazy Loaded” in the demo project.
  • Duplicate a row in the master section.
  • Refresh browser

Expected result is that both rows would be visible. But only the original row is there while the screen is marked as dirty. After clicking on the original row a question about changing rows pops up, which is correct but the selected row is still not visible.


GetRows ends with error:

“ClassName”: “System.NullReferenceException”,
“Data”: {
“logged”: true
“ExceptionMethod”: null,
“HResult”: -2147467261,
“HelpURL”: null,
“InnerException”: null,
“Message”: “Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”,
“RemoteStackIndex”: 0,
“RemoteStackTraceString”: null,
“Source”: “Origam.Server”,
“StackTraceString”: " at Origam.Server.SessionStore.GetChangeInfo(String requestingGrid, DataRow row, Operation operation, Func`3 RowStateProcessor) AbstractController.cs:line 120",
“WatsonBuckets”: null

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