Dynamic filters not working with empty arrays

I have created a screen X with selection dialog SD. In the SD I have DateFrom, DateTo and TagInput for refBusinessPartnerId. The datastructure for that screen DS is having just one filter set FS with three filters. The FS is set to be dynamic. One filter is static (e.g. refStateId=dataconstant value), two are dynamic.

The behaviour of screen si very strange, because when I use two dynamic filters with ignore parameter and value set, than the functionality is not OK.

When I use only one dynamic filter with any static everything works just fine.

I compared it to some of my reports and there I have three dynamic filters and reports work just fine.

I suspect, there might be some bug in screen selection dialog and DS filtering.

Any idea how to solve this?

So by static you mean without the ignore parameter set?

So basically you always have one static filter + one or two dynamic ones activated depending on the parameters you pass? And if only one parameter is empty, and other is not, you get correctly 2 filters applied and when both parameters are null then what happens? I suppose you expect only the static filter to be applied.

Yes. I expect only the static filter to be applied. This is according to the functionality described here in forum or in documntation. But it seems that one of the dynamic filtes is applied to and therefore the result is no records instead of all records.

The problem is now fixed in Master build #4595 and Stable 2016.11.38. It only occurred when an empty array was passed from a selection dialog to a screen. Ignoring this empty array did not work for conditional filter. It worked fine with reports though.