Entity Row Level Security Rule

An entity level row level security rule specifies the Row Level Security Rules that affect whole rows (all fields of the row), making them e.g. read only.



Name Type Description
CreateCredential If set true, the rule is applied to create operation.
DeleteCredential If set true, the rule is applied to delete operation.
ExportCredential If set true, the rule is applied to export operation. Introduced in 2024.6
UpdateCredential If set true, the rule is applied to update operation.
Level Rule priority. Lower value means sooner resolution.
Roles Roles for which the rule is applied. If a user is not in specified role, the rule is not considered for the resolution.
Rule An entity rule that if specified need to be passed in order to apply the security rule. An entity rule can’t be set if the security rule applies to the export operation.
Type Permit/deny. The security rule is either used to allow an operation or to deny an operation.
ValueType ActualValue/SavedValue. Defines data state which is used for the entity rule resolution.

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