ExecuteProcedure Method

This method allows you to invoke a stored procedure of the database engine (if it supports stored procedures).

The method can return data.


  • In order to pass an array to a stored procedure, you can use ‘Array’ datatype from inside of Origam. In the SP itself then the parameter has to be declared as: @nameOfParam AS AsapListValue READONLY


Parameter Type Description
Name String (Context Store Reference, Data Constant Reference) Name of the procedure. Can be taken from a constant or dynamically from a context store.
Parameters Context Store Reference, Data Constant Reference, System Function Call In case the stored procedure requires parameters, this is the place to bind them. The parameter name should be the same as the parameter name expected by the stored procedure.
EntityOrder Context Store Reference, Data Constant Reference List of entity names to fill from stored procedure. A semicolon separated value (string), optional. Tells in what order are returned data from a stored procedure. Entity names has to correspond to datastructure entity names of ‘Output Contextstore’ of the ExecuteProcedure task. The SP itself has to have a corresponding number of SELECT statements.