Filter Set Filter

This element lets you define a filter in a filter set on an existing data structure’s entity. Only entities inside the data structure can be filtered.


IgnoreFilterConstant This filter will be ignored (or not ignored if PassWhenParameterMatch = true) if a query parameter equals this value.
When not set, it tests if the parameter is filled or not.
IgnoreFilterParameterName Name of the parameter that will be evaluated. The name can be found in the SQL query - right-click on the filter set name > Actions > Show SQL. If it matches with the IgnoreFilterConstant this filter will be ignored (or not ignored if PassWhenParameterMatch = true).
When using this the whole filter set has to be set as IsDynamic=True.
PassWhenParameterMatch Applies the filter condition instead of ignoring it (revert condition).
Roles An Application role. This filter will be used only if a user has this role assigned. If * or empty the filter will be always applied.
Entity Select one of the data structure entities in this data structure.
Filter Allows you to choose one of the entity filters which are defined in the data entity.