Filter Sets

Defines a set of predefined entity filters that can be selected when loading data from a DataService.

When more than 1 filter is defined in the filter set, all the search criteria must be satisfied, before the correct record is loaded (i.e. there is AND between the filters).


  • If set to True, the SQL query is executed without cache. Each command must generate entry parameters (some parts of WHERE are added or removed).
  • If set to False, each user has their own SQL query preferences and filters set, e.g. based on filter roles or row-level security filters. The system is faster because it doesn’t need to generate an entry from the model each time and uses set filters.

Child Elements


Let’s say you have a data structure called Invoice. By loading this data structure without a filter, you would get all the invoices ever entered into the system. So at least you will need a filter, which will load just one invoice, by its ID. So you will create a filter set GetById.

Then your application has an approval workflow for the invoices. So you create another filter set GetByInvoiceState. This filter set will contain a filter, which will load invoices by their state. This filter can also contain a parameter you must provide an ID of the requested invoice state when loading the data,