Filtering by an enumeration value causes calling MasterRecord multiple times on slow data connections

I was trying to filter by an enumeration value and then removed the filter. The list of enumeraiton values took a long time because it was a column with a lot of values.

I was expecting the MasterRecord endpoint is called only once when I step on the next record

Instead it got called multiple (3) times.

How to replicate on test model:
The situation is easy to replicate when throttling the connection to GPRS

  1. checkout GitHub - origam/origam at enhance-testmodel-to-replicate-several-problems-2022-4
  2. Open architect and let the deployment scripts run
  3. Open Menu > Widgets > Test Data Create / deletion > All Data Types - Create data sample 1 - this will insert several records into Add Data Types scren
  4. Open a menu item Menu > Widgets > All Data Types Lazily Loaded
  5. Open developer tools and set network throttling to GPRS
  6. Click on the filtering icon (funnel)
  7. Click + icon in ‘Guid1’ filter column and select the only value (Label 2 a very long label with a very descriptive text that could impress a lot of people)
  8. Stop filtering (click on the funnel again)
  9. Move to the second line. The error is replicated, MasterRecord call is called 3 times
    10 . Cleanup: Open Menu > Widgets > Test Data Create / deletion > All Data Types - Delete data sample 1

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