Firefox 96.0.1 - log in on localhost development environment is not working

I had automatic updates of Firefox. When it got updated to version 96.0.1 (released 14th January 2022), the log in for localhost environment stopped working.

When I returned to version 95.0.2, the log in is working on localhost correctly.


Is there a way how to change the login process, that it would be supported by the newer versions of the browsers?

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Do you have an idea what is the reason of the changed behaviour?

No, I don’t know. What I can see are just release notes and I don’t know how to address this topic:

There is more detailed list in release notes for version 96.0: Firefox 96.0, See All New Features, Updates and Fixes

I don’t know which “fixes” could cause it, may be this one but it is just my guess?


Do you use https on localhost?

No, I don’t use HTTPS on localhost

I am not sure about this exact bug fix but it can be that the browsers refuse working well without https more and more. Maybe you can try https on localhost if it helps?