Focus lost after editing a value

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open a master detail screen (fully loaded)
  2. Add (or edit) a detail row
  3. Open a drop-down (or start writing in it) and pick a value (click or Tab or Enter)


After the UpdateObject roundtrip the dropdown editor looses focus so it is not possible to use the keyboard to move to the next field (e.g. by pressing Tab).

Proposed result

After picking a value from a dropdown by mouse click or by pressing Enter, the grid editor should stay focused so by pressing Tab afterwards would move it to the next column.
After picking a value by pressing Tab directly from the dropdown, the value should be picked and the next column should be selected afterwards.

Actually it also does it on any edit event in any kind of view (grid or detail) in any kind of screen (lazy or fully loaded). After editing a value and pressing Tab the focus goes somewhere else.

Fixed in all cases except when in grid view in master of a lazy-loaded master-detail view. After editing a value in the master grid, the master grid looses focus.

I cannot reproduce the issue in master. Can you provide more details? Thanks.

I tested it on 2022.3. The behaviour is the same in the master of a master-detail screen, lazy loaded. After editing a value the focus is lost.