Form - sorting of lookup field

I have guid feeld e.g. refDayId from Day entity. When I use it in a form it is well sorted according to DayOrder field from Day entity. But when I try to sort it by clicking the column header, it gets sorted by GUID instead of displayed DayName.

Is there a way how to do this right?

Could someone answer, please? Thank you.

Can you post a screenshot please? It is not clear to me when it is sorted well and when not.

The upper picture is when you open the form, so default sort. Everything OK.

The upper picture is when you try to sort filed by clicking filed caption. It gets sorted by lookup id. Obviously.

What version do you use?

Hello, is there any answer? It is really annoying to experience this. Please can you give me some answer. Or is there any application update that solves this? Thank you.

Well, why I spend my time analysing, reportin even delivering something to communty when I get no answer.

Last time when you @tvavrda asked for someting I put it here withing minutes. Since than no asnwer. If you have no time, just let me know. I would than expect the answer later, but this is ashaming for Advantage Solutions, s.r.o. even in a context that other questions are usually answer in a reasonable time and very well.

So, any solution for that problem?

Hi @greencube

as far as I understand it behaves as I would expect. So when it’s sorted by default, it’s sorted by a day-order column (this column is not visible at the screenshot you have provided).

When you tried to sort it by the Day column manually, it is then sorted by the literal values of day names, not by ids - ‘Čtvrtek’ is by literal sort before 'Pátek, which is before Pondělí which is before Středa. And Středa is before Úterý (which is the last at alphabet)

As far as I know, If you wanted to sort by day order, than you need to expose the day order to the form and then you would be able to click on it and that way sort by it.

Yes. Is exactly like you say.

What I acctualy meant was how to sort DayName field without DayOrder field being displayed and used. More exactly if there is a way how to use DayOrder to sort DayName field when clicking on “Den” field header.

I have found OrderMember in propertis, so I thought it might be used.

The way I solved if for now is displaying daynumber in lookup, like “1, Pondělí” and then it gets sorted in a way I need.

Thank you for your answer by the way.

I see… The OrderMember is something different, and it’s even documented:

Try to put into google: OrderMember

and the first result is:

If you define it and the Order member is exposed to UI, then you get a very special control items to move rows up/down. So it’s intended to be used for manual reordering of rows in the screen.

The feature that you wanted isn’t available for time beeing. I think you solved it very well.