Geography bugs need to solve

I’m using STArea() function to get an area from the geography column.
I’m facing some problems there:

1-Geography values are not saved in correct order in Origam. STArea() is giving huge numbers - the whole worlds area minus the object area is counted instead of the single object area.
Actually I’m workarounding this problem by @Expression.ReorientObject().STArea().
By this way I’m giving correct values.

2-The saving of geography object (painted from GUI) is inconsistent in Origam.
In some minor cases users are able to paint the object reverted.
By this way almost all values are saved reverted but some are saved “correctly”.

Actually I’m using version 2021.1.1875.0.

Polygon points selected on the map will be always saved in the counter clock wise order. So that the STArea() function returns a correct result without the need to reorient the polygon with the @Expression.ReorientObject() function.

@Kit4it Please test this