Grid - Filtering - Focus is lost when the currently selected item is not included in list

I was trying to filter items which contains certain text.

  1. I enable filter and click into the field which I want to filter

  2. I start typing a text => until the currently selected item is presented in my filter then I can type.

  3. But when the selected item disappear from the filtered items then the focus is lost and I can’t continue typing

I was expecting …

  1. Continue typing in filter and not doing any actions with any other item.

Instead I’ve got …

  1. Focus is lost and I can’t type anymore (which is very inconvenient for user if with the almost each letter the focus is lost and he can’t type his filter condition.
  2. If I also press enter and there is a default action on the entity, I can also open other form.

User loses control what he/she is doing and the system is harder to use in these scenarios.

Suggested behaviour

  • Select new first item of the list after clicking ENTER in the search box or going of the filter field.

Isn’t this a duplicate?

Which version are you using?