Grid HTML5 Widget

Let’s discuss different options and aspects on how to implement the grid functionality.

Summary list of grids (please update if you post a reply to this topic):

W2UI -

I’ve just found a nice grid at It could be nice-to-have option to use grid engine via Javascript in Origam, which can handle searching/sorting operations of million records. I think current flash grid engine cannot offer such a speed.

Just a warning – the total performance is a sum of many things that are being done in the GUI, not just a grid itself. E.g. loading lookup labels, row metadata (row level security info, colors) – all done behind the scenes while scrolling through the data. So let’s not be confused by one simple example.

But the speed looks comparable to what we already have in some things and faster in others, so overall it could be usable.

Anybody has any other favorite grid widgets?