Hide items from non-active packages in Model Browser

I’m beginning to work more intensively with Origam Architect, and I think that in navigation in Model Browser there is quite lot of items in grey color which are irrelevant most of the time. They can take as much as 50% vertical space of whole area. So I have to scroll all the time up and down and up and down.
Would it be possible to be able to switch between this full view and lightweight view, where items from inactive packages are hidden? Or maybe these items can be grouped under one node (“Other packages”, “…” etc.) next to current active package, which can be expanded by user on demand?

Some sections (like Data-Functions, User Interface-Images, Widgets) have also gray items, but they seem not to be grouped into packages, and also I think they are not used so often, so it’s questionable, if it makes sense to also hide these in lightweight view.

I think this change will enhance productivity and make navigation in Model Browser more enjoyable :).

Yes, it is true that sometimes there might be too much clutter. Although we have got used to it somehow, or maybe because of that we have not improved here.

There might be several ways how to solve this. One is to introduce filters to the Model Browser pad. Another might be to introduce “Favourites” where you would put the items you work most with (or the system could do it automatically based on how often you access them).

Potential issue: Although the section is grey it does not mean there is nothing of interest there. You might have extended an entity in another package. Then you still would like to see it. But checking if there is an extension somewhere deep in the tree is not good for performance (tree expansion would be costly). So you have to think about how to solve this use case.

Another issue would be – what happens if the items are hidden but you click on a hidden item in the search results? Should everything show up?

It would be the best if you would suggest the design and how it would work and post it here.

Connected issue that when solved could improve performance of showing nodes from other packages that have an extension in the current package:

I made another proposal related to this: