How not to copy data from detail in a master-detail screen

I have a master-detail screen. When coping a master record I don’t want the detail data to be copied. Is there a way how to do this besides setting all fields in the detail entity to OnCopyAction=Initialize?

I’d hide the copy button and create a custom ui action.

So far the following logic is used by the frontend when deciding whether to copy a row in the screen: Every record that has a screen section that has a New button enabled is duplicated. There is no other way to say that a row should be skipped from copying.

The OnCopyAction properties in the entity fields are only used to indicate what happens to the field when it is being copied (should it be reset to default value – initialized or should it say “copy –”).

So the best solution would be to hide the new button in the panel that I don’t want to be copied and add a UI action for adding new records?