How to Add Help Tooltips to Screens

Every data entry field can display a tooltip. In the tooltip you can describe the use of the field.

Tooltips are defined per entity field. Once the tooltip is defined it appears on every form where the field is used.

  1. Select the entity field in the Model Browser
  2. Open the Documentation Tab
  3. Add a new record and select USER_LONG_HELP category
  4. In the Text column enter the tooltip text
  5. Click on the Save icon in the Tab


@tvavrda is there a way to delete this entry through the architect? It seems we can add the record but deleting seems not to be available within the Origam Architect

Just select the grid line and press Del on the keyboard and then press Save button.

Is there a way to export all the help texts to an external file, work on them and re-import them using architect just like we can do for localization files?

The localization files are not re-imported into the model, but used by the server. You can directly update the .origamDoc file and copy it back into the model.

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Help texts are a part of the localization file. They are exported together with screen labels etc. If you want to edit the source language, @zcapkova `s answer is correct.