How to change default menu item opened from a lookup field (Ctrl+Click)

How can I change the default menu item opened via Ctrl+Click. There is MenuBinding → MenuItem definition for that in Lookup, but when the Lookup is not in our package, it’s not a good idea to change it there as it could be overwritten via a package update. I can imagine a new field with priority level as in Rules definition, so we can control it in our package. Or is there any other solution?
Thank you for any advice.


Currently there is no way how to “override” the menu binding for a lookup. What about defining your own lookup with your own menu binding and using this lookup in your screens? Why do you need this actually?

Imagine you create your own Panel for Delivery-Inbounds. But there are a lot of places where this Panel is referenced via Lookup (Operations, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Receipt, etc.) . I can create my own Lookup, it’s easy, but I have to create all ScreenSections and Screens where the old Lookup is used. It’s a lot of work because of one Lookup change.

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This feature has been implemented in stable-2015.1.0.635. The menu binding now contains a Level property. If you set a lower Level than the currently provided menu binding, your binding will be used instead.