How to close workflow immediatelly without result message?

Is it possible to close a sequential workflow screen without seeing the final message?

Yes, using the following procedure:

  1. Make the last screen of your workflow final by setting IsFinalForm to True. This screen will not display the Next button then.
  2. Create a UI Action on the entity so you get an action button over your screen. It can display a Save icon for example, so the user easily finds it and knows what will happen. This UI Action has to have CloseType set to CloseAndCommit
  3. Pass the current screen’s context to the Save sequential workflow that is called on the UI Action. There you can do additional processing or just save the data.

You can find an example in the Root package:

  • Sequential workflow Sequential Workflows > Security > IDENTITY_USER_MANAGEMENT > Identity_CreateUser_GUI (the workflow called from a menu with a final screen)
  • UI Action under Entities > Partner Management > BusinessPartner > Identity_CreateUser_Save (a button that appears over the screen)
  • Sequential workflow Sequential Workflows > Security > IDENTITY_USER_MANAGEMENT > Identity_CreateUser_GUI_Save (the workflow called by the action button)
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