How to configure Administration interface

How to setup Administration interface for managing users?

My Origam application uses Database authentication method (Documentation) and now I am managing users via IIS Management console interface.

Thanks Tomáš

You will need an Security package to do so. It was recently updated and it is able to provide you desired feature.


  1. Import the Security package to your project.
  2. Open a AsapFeatureList screen (in _system) in the Architect (ctrl+x) and set User Management Extensions feature as enabled (code IDENTITY_USER_MANAGEMENT).
  3. Create new menu item for a sequential workflow NewUser (in Security/IDENTITY_USER_MANAGEMENT)

As a result new action buttons will be added to the UsersAndRoles screen:

  • Unlock
  • Assign Access
  • Remove Access.

Assign Access is visible only if the user doesn’t have access. The NewUser workflow provides means to create new user.