How to create references between packages?

I’m using Simplicor as a base for deployment of my own added isolated packages (“applications”). No every customer uses every package. There are no dependencies between these custom packages, every package directly depends only on Simplicor.

Let’s say I have one package P1 originally made for one customer C1 and another package P2 for another customer C2.
C1 wants use only P1, C2 wants use only P2.
C3 wants use both P1 and P2.

What is the best way to make packages referencies (e.g. to avoid deploying of P1 package at C2 customer)?

So if you have independent packages which you don’t want to distribute to all your customers you should create either:

More products

Instead of a single product with all the packages included create more packages which have “the right mix” of packages.

Customer packages

Create a special package for each customer and mix the right packages inside. Sooner or later you will end up with customer packages anyway – there you will add only the functionality related to a single customer. At the same time you can use it to provide a unique set of packages.

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