How to enable model auto reload?


I use Windows file system and linux docker image.

I’m trying to …

  1. Enable model auto reload to speed up development
  2. I have tried to enable reload by modifying _appsettings.template using property mentioned in this feature request Enable model reloading when files change.
  3. I restart docker container and check file appsettings.json. ReloadModelWhenFilesChangesDetected property is there.
  4. I have changed screen section and screen configuration (disable add and remove buttons).

I expect

I expect the model would be reloaded and new screen setting would be apply.

I get

The screen is in the original mode, so the model is not reloaded.


I would appreciate even Reload model button if the detection would not be possible. The model is reloaded slowly and it would rapidly increase efficiency.

I have also tried to improve development using WLS service (Windows Linux System) and store my model on linux filesystem. Then the restart is very quick but the architect is slow. I found out that having architect faster is better setup for me.

I believe it is a bug, but I might configured something wrong.

It normally works. Did you try to refresh the browser? If the screen still does not change, then maybe the model does not get reloaded.

Yes, of course. I have tried to refresh the browser (with and without cache), also completely reload the page again. But it still looks like the form is not refreshed. I have tried also to close browser and open again, I have also tried to put boolean type json value "ReloadModelWhenFilesChangesDetected": true.

I have tried this in version 2023.1.0.3068.

I have no idea what can I do more.