How to Open a Web Link Using a Button


You have a link stored in a text field. You want to provide a button for the user that opens the link in a web browser.

  1. Create a Web Report

Right click on Reports and select New > Web Report. As an Url just set {link} where link is the parameter name. So the whole URL will be passed as a parameter. If you want to pass just a part of the URL, prepend/append some text to the parameter.

  1. Create a UI Action

Right click on the entity which contains the field and select New > Report Action

  • Set a ButtonIcon so the button has a picture next to it
  • Caption will set the text of the button
  • Set Mode to ActiveRecord so it opens the link in the currently selected record
  • Set Placement to PanelHeader so the link appears on the panel, not on the top of the screen toolbar
  • Select your newly created Web Report link as the Report

After saving the UI Action right click on it and select New > Parameter Mapping

  • Set the Name of the parameter to link. This is the name we specified in the Web Report.
  • Set the Field to the name of the field from the entity, which contains the link.
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Is the {link} (in curly brackets) pointing allways to report or is it more common? I wonder about the other points.

It is just a placeholder for whatever you pass to it using a parameter named this way. So:

  • /customers/{customerNumber}.html will point to a subpage of an ORIGAM website and will expect a customerNumber parameter to be passed e.g. from a record user is staying at
  • {link} as the only content of the Url parameter expects that you pass a link parameter and it will contain the complete URL (e.g. your customer’s website address stored in your data record).
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Where the content of the link opens? In a new Origam tab, or in a new browser window?

Depends how you set it up in the Report element`s OpenMethod.