How to select multiple records via checkbox field at once and not one by one?

How to add special check box field on form to select/deselect all records shown on that form? So it is not necessary to select/deselect records one by one. Is it possible to have such a field for multiple boolean columns?

It is easy to add a selection box when you need to mark multiple records e.g. in a visual sequential workflow.

  1. Make sure you have a boolean field in your entity (you can use the virtual field Selected of the IAsapEntity2
  2. If you already tried and placed a Checkbox in your screen section, then remove it.
  3. Open your screen definition and select the desired screen section
  4. In Properties (F4) enter the name of the boolean field into SelectionMember property

A new checkbox will appear on the left of the screen in Table View allowing the user to select rows including selection of all rows at once.