How to set up behavior of empty tagInput in selection dialog

I am curious how to set up this behavior of selection dialog’s tagInput:

I have screen with selection dialog panel where is tagInput to filter records based on selected tags. Is there a way to show all records on screen if you dont choose any tag? So far, it doesnt show anything if I proceed with Ok and leave tagInput empty.

In order to do that you need to use the dynamic filter functionality:

  1. Go to your Filterset and set IsDynamic = True
  2. Go to the underlying filter reference which does the filtering by the array of values and set:

IgnoreParameterName = name of the array parameter (e.g. EntityName_parArrayParameterName)
IgnoreFilterConstant = _null

When the array parameter (from TagInput) will contain no items, this filter will be ignored/skipped. So no filtering will occur and you will get all the values back.

OK, thanks.

Everything works as you write. I make mistake with child entity and filterParent type of join.