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I have tried to set up a Map view following these instructions, but I couldn’t find the table AsapMap and the related screens. After reading this topic, it seems to me that in the new version, the Map view is set up differently.
Following the new instructions, I created Map Layer with appropriate name and code and OSM type, but I couldn’t do anything with the Map Configuration, because there weren’t any rows and the only button for adding rows was disabled. Therefore, I tried to skip the configuration, set up the screen section and open it. It didn’t work – no map was shown.
How can the Map view be set up and used in Origam?

You have to add parameter url to OSM Map layer. You have to use SQL command (SQL console or deployment script) within the instruction topic to insert new map configuration. This step cannot be skipped.

Thank you for your help. However, the SQL gives me an error “42P01: relation “asapmap” does not exist.” I have tried to put the name “AsapMap” into quotes, in case it was a problem of upper/lower case, but it didn’t help. Should I create the table somehow?

All tables in SQL are renamed - Asap → Origam, so in your case AsapMap → OrigamMap.

Thank you, the SQL has run successfully. Regarding the url, should it be just as in the topic – https://{s}{z}/{x}/{y}.png with Origam substituting some values for s, x, y, z – or should there be a fixed tile (e.g. Neither seems to work.

The url parameter should be https://{s}{z}/{x}/{y}.png for the OSM layer. Doublecheck if the Code (ReferenceCode column ) value of OrigamMap table is equal to the value of MapLayer parameter (MapView section) on your Screen.

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Since there is no MapLayer parameter on the Screen, I suppose you meant the MapLayers parameter on the Screen Section. If so, I have checked it and added the url parameter. However, the map is still not shown. Could the problem be that I have some text fields in my Screen Section besides the Map? I have tried to create another Menu Item, Screen and Screen Section without these fields, but the map was again not shown.

Please check origam-demo. The package Map has all the right settings to display maps, including deployment scripts to apply the needed settings.

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