IATA BSP File Loader

IATA BSP File Loader

IATA BSP file loader allows you to watch a specific file system folder for IATA BSP files, split them into the segments and store those segment into a work queue where they can be processed. Loader keeps information on processed files in separate index file, so it can be run on folder without need to delete its content.


  • IIS application pool user has modification rights set in watched directory.


This loader uses TextFile.


In order to fill Your Work Queue from files, on tab Creation You have to fill the External Source field with IATA BSP File and fill Connection String as described later. All other fields of External Source group are not applicable and should remain empty.


The connection string can consist from the following parts:

path Path to a directory, where the loader sniffs for files
searchPattern Wildcard expression that defines which files loader will load to work queue
segmentMarker 3-letter code of the first row of segment.
footerMarker 3-letter code of the first row of the footer section of the file.
lastRowMarker 3-letter code of the last row of the file used for integrity check. Implemented in master 4752.
indexFile Full path to index file, in which loader stores information on processed files. If it doesn’t exists, loader will create during first run.
addLastRowToQueue true/false. If true the last row of the file will be populated as an extra entry in the queue.