Identity Service - unlock - error

The situation is I have a workflow where I use identity service unlock method. But it ends with an error.

What is wrong? How to correct it?

I have tu say, that nevertheless there is this error, the user gets unlocked :sunglasses:

Hi David, please can you attach the relevant snapshot of the application log? (located at /logs/log.txt)

Thanks in advance

Are you still experiencing the error?

Yes, please. It is still there :slight_smile: I will try to give you more details from the log.

I did some more research and it turned out, that IdentityService Unlock method wants to always send email to the unlocked user.
I would suggest to change this behaviour, so that it can be chosen if the email is sent or not.

So far I had to skip using this functionality and create my own 3 step unlock wokrflow solution, that changes IsLockedOut field from True ot False. It works very well