IdentityServer - CORS

Has CORS been configured in the Origam Identity Server?

If yes, how should I add the valid domains in the “IdentityServerConfig” section of the appsettings.json?
If not, could you please configure CORS in the identity server as described here:

We should be able to add custom domains to “AllowedCorsOrigins” in the “IdentityServerConfig” section of the appsettings.json.

The “AllowedCorsOrigins” is currently not configurable in the appsettings.json. We can add it, but the change will be done in the 2021.2 version only.

Yes, it would be great to have the AllowedCorsOrigins configurable. When would this version be available?

@pradeep @zcapkova Can you confirm that the solution is working?

Yes, I can confirm that the setting AllowedCorsOrigins can be added to the IdentityServerConfig section. This can be closed.

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