IMAP Loader

IMAP loader allows you to automatically pick up e-mails from an IMAP-enabled mail server. It supports SSL. E-mails are moved to a configurable archive folder after being picked up.


This loader uses the Mail work queue class.


To pick up e-mails to your Work Queue from an IMAP account, you have to fill the External Source field with IMAP on tab Creation and fill in the Connection String as described later. All other fields of the External Source group are not applicable and should remain empty.



The connection string can consist of the following parts:

url Url of the IMAP server (e.g.
port IMAP server’s port number (typically 143 or 993 for SSL encrypted)
ssl If True then the connection will be encrypted (you would probably need to change also the port number).
mailbox Name of the folder with the incoming e-mails (default is INBOX)
Dropbox Name of the archive folder (where e-mail will be moved after being picked up)
attachHtml If True then the HTML version of the e-mail (if available) will be attached as an attachment to the work queue entry together with other e-mail attachments.
badmail Name of a folder where e-mails that had problems with loading will be moved to.

Configure User Name and Password

Enter the account’s username and password to the corresponding fields.