Important Git Repository Changes

From today we have made significant changes to our GitHub repository structure.

We have decided to merge origam-source, origam-html and origam-model into a single “monorepo”. All the source code previously found in those repositories has now been consolidated in GitHub - origam/origam. The old repositories are now read only and deprecated.

The reason is that both frontend, backend and root model are so closely related that it makes sense to maintain them in a single repository. The main goal though was to be able to run automated integration tests on pull requests. If the pull request contains all of the ORIGAM components, it is easy to build the whole package and run full integration tests. This was not imaginable when the project was split into multiple repositories.

Together with that we also introduced the first NPM packages that support the future frontend plugin/extension infrastructure.

You can find those packages here.

Each package lives in a corresponding repository.