Impossible to log-in – Docker server time out of sync

After some time the docker instance gets out of sync with the time, which results in cookies loosing validity.

Docker should sync time once a day in order to keep system time up to date.

Which is strange, because according to Stack Overflow:

Docker containers don’t maintain a separate clock, it’s identical to the Linux host since time is not a namespaced value. This is also why Docker removes the permission to change the time inside the container, since that would impact the host and other containers, breaking the isolation model.

How is it possible then that I had to restart a docker instance because the cookie was invalid?

At least it would be great if ORIGAM client would display a nice message that login is not possible because of the time discrepancy. It is not limited to Docker, happens also when hosted on IIS.


i moved date to one hour in to future and after login page i got this.

Actually I see that it would be good to provide a link for the user to go back to the login screen. Otherwise he has to either delete the long callback from the URL or close the tab and open it again.

Not sure we would ever be able to run ORIGAM client outside the root “/” but if so, this link should redirect to the correct sub-site and not to “/” hardcoded.

It was not possible to add a retry link because of this error:

the problem is that the userManager.signinRedirectCallback cannot be called more than once

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