Is it possible to format number as Currency in Screen Section field?

I would like to display value as currency on the screen:

  1. I would like to have number value accompanied with a text i.e. “100 Kč” or “:warning: 3”.
  2. I would like to filter in the field as number to have conditions < > and so on …

I have tried to use currency Custom numeric formatting:


But the client displays error:


I have tried also combinations:

0 'Kč' or 0 \"Kč\". Nothing works.

When I input it into function AS:FormatNumber(20, '0.## "Kč"') then the result works as expected.

And if I have checked the API communication with the server, it seems to me that number formatting happens on the HTML client side. So as I understand, the client does not support such formatting yet, right?

Do you consider to support currency number formatting?