Keyboard navigation in grid

Let’s use generic Users screen. When the screen is opened, the main grid is focused and the keyboard navigation works correctly (keys down and up).

If a grid editor is opened (via mouse click) and it is canceled by key Esc, the keys down and up scroll the grid instead of changing selected row. User has to click with mouse to the next row to get the navigation behaviour back. The expected behaviour is to be able to navigate via keyboard again.

If a filter UI is enabled it steals the focus during the keyboard navigation and the first field in filter UI gets focused. The expected behaviour is that focus is not stolen by filter UI.

I agree that scrolling is not the preferred way how to navigate in grid in ORIGAM by keyboard. This is usually done using a mouse.

So I agree that the UI should always be in the state of changing rows when moving up-down with keyboard arrows.

But I see another problem – when you are “escaped” there is no way how to start editing a row, you have to click the mouse in order to enter a grid editor. I think F2 is usually used to enter editing mode. Would be useful to support it.

Or some editor should always be entered. That’s how we used to have it in previous versions, I guess. But that has some risks – a user could unintentionally edit something for example when always being in an editor while “just” scrolling.

This is desired. When entering a filter you want to start typing into the filter straight away so first filter editor should be focused. The question to solve is how to get back to the grid just using a keyboard.

My description regarding filter UI stealing focus wasn’t accurate. I switch on the filter UI, select filter parameters and start navigating by keyboard. The focus is stolen during the navigation.