License Disclaimer

We should finally include a license disclaimer that shows ORIGAM’s license and also the used 3rd party library licenses.

It should be a txt file accessible through a link in About window in

  • Architect (only .net dependencies)
  • Setup license screen (throwing away the current license and showing our license + dependent .net dependency licenses)
  • web client (both javascript and .net dependencies)

For html client it can be generated using

yarn licenses generate-disclaimer

For .net the following tool seems to do the job:

Not sure WHEN we should generate the licenses. Should we do it using a GitHub action that does it automatically after a pull request is merged? Or should it be done at build time?

Storing it in GIT would have the benefit of seeing the diffs how the license changes. But not sure if this is common.

It looks like the .net tool you referenced is only working on .NET Core and .NET Standard projects so we cannot use it for Architect. We will probably have to get the Architect dependencies’ licenses from VS, Package Manager Console.

Most of the projects are .net standard/core now, aren’t they? For the rest we have to do it manually, I agree.

I think the file with license attributions for Architect could be called “Attributions.txt”.
Is it enough to include a link to each license? Or should there be the complete text?
This suggests the links could be enough:

What about format of the file? I would keep it simple. In case of comple license texts :


Package 1

License 1


Package 2

License 2

And in case of the links:

Package                                                 LicenseUrl                                                           
-------                                                 ----------                                                           
Package 1                                               License Url 1           
Package 2                                               License Url 2        

Usually you can see something in between. The introductory text (one or a few paragraphs) and a link to the full license. The same as we have in the source headers. Would that be possible?

@tvavrda I think we have agreed some time ago that there will be a single Attributions.txt file for all applications. The file generation will be triggered manually when we see the need to update it. Is that correct?

I think we did. It would be nice to automate it somehow but it seems to be a harder problem. A bot that checks for new or updated libs would be nice.

@jsusen can you please describe how we solved it, how to update it and maybe link the PR?

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Implemented, see documentation at How to Display and Update Copyright Attributions

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