LoadData Method

This method retrieves data into complex data structures using a single simple method.

The method returns a completely loaded document as defined by the data structure. If the data structure is hierarchical (master-detail etc.) all details are returned in one step.


Parameter Type Description
DataStructure The Data Structure Reference The Data structure (including a filter set, if required) you want to load data to. The data service will automatically translate all the data models and filters to SQL statements and will load all the data required.
Parameters Context Store Reference, Data Constant Reference, System Function Call This is where parameters are defined for a stored procedure if required. Parameter names should correspond to the parameters required by the data structure (e.g. BusinessPartner_parId).


Data pagination is built-in for every query based on an entity that inherits from ISupportsPagination. IAsapEntity2 supports is.

Data pagination helps you by downloading only “pages” of data, not the whole dataset. It only works on data structures based on a single entity (simple lists).

To get paginated data you need to pass additional parameters to the data service:

_pageSize Specifies how many records should be returned per page. A typical value would be 50.
_pageNumber A page number which you want to be returned (e.g. if you want to return records 150-200 you specify page 4).