Localization - Culture Fallback

If there’s a model localization with culture en and appsettings.json is set to culture en-US, the server doesn’t return values from en localization. In case there is not available localization for requested culture en-US, the parent culture should be resolved - in our case en.

Was this ever working?

I don’t think so. So is it a missing feature?

I think that would be a feature. Is there a case for that? Someone has so many localisation files?

It does not work if there are localization files with culture fr-CH and the appsettings.json has culture set as fr-FR.

The idea is that there would only be a localization file called fr. So that both fr-CH and fr-FR would fall back to it. fr-CH would never fall back to fr-FR as these are both specific cultures. Only from the specific to general. This is not implemented though for model localization.

The problem is also that our Language table does not support it and so data localization would not have this option anyway. We would have to think more about it.

Moving this to #ideas