Map View

Map View

Properties related to the calendar view are located in the Map View group.

IsMapSupported If true, the map view is added to a screen section and an icon for the map view is available in the toolbar.
IsMapVisible If true, the map view is set as a default view.
MapAzimuthMember Azimuth field. If used, zero value means north.

Center point of the map. Value is automatically taken from the map layers configuration (see MapLayers). WKT format is expected. If center point is not defined, map will automatically choose resolution to fit all objects to view.

Example: POINT(14.963644094990274 50.36812447827694)

MapColorMember Color field.
MapIconMember Icon field.
MapLayers Code of map layers configuration. Map layers are set up via infrastructure provided by Root package: Screens OrigamMap and OrigamMapLayer.
MapLocationMember Location field.
MapResolution Starting resolution of map. Value is automatically taken from the map layers configuration (see MapLayers). Can be any number between 0 and 19. It marks the index of resolution in array of available resolutions. See Map Resolutions table below. If the value is out of range, the client defaults to 10.
MapTextColorMember Text color field.
MapTextLocationMember Text location member.
MapTextMember Text member.
MapTextRotationMember Text rotation member.

The Minimum working configuration requires setting IsMapSupported property as true and filling properties MapLocationMember and MapLayers.

Map Resolutions


Map Units

per Pixel

0 0.3000




3 2.4000
4 4.8000
5 9.6000
6 19.2000
7 38.4000
8 76.8000
9 153.6000
10 307.2000
11 614.4000
12 1228.8000
13 2457.6000
14 4915.2000
15 9830.4000
16 19660.8000
17 39321.6000
18 79643.2000
19 156543.0339