Menu - Order items in menu by custom Order


html5, master-latest


In our system we have 10 menu Items in the same level. We might group different items into Folders but still several Items are the most important. These items should be visible to User on the TOP possitions of the menu but in alphabetical order they are displayed on the last position.

Current Behaviour:

Application Menu is sorted alphabetically and there is no possiblity to order menu items in a custom Order. But some items are the most important and should be visible on the TOP of the menu.

There is even no possibility to reorder menu by User neither in Menu or in Favourites.

Suggested Behaviour:

  1. Architect - add property Order to Menu Item
  2. HTML5 Client - Order Menu items by the Order property primarilly and then alphabetically

Yes, that would be good improvement instead of ordering menu like:

  • 01 Orders
  • 02 Customers

Which I have to use for now.