Missing icons in the distribution

The default model package Security provides screens and workflows that rely on icons missing in the distribution. The same problem is also for the default icon of the parameter screen.

See: How to enable icons for the user interface?

At the moment Origam expects them in the customAssets folder, which is not part of the distribution and it’s not going to be. So the problem is: where the icons should be located and where the HTML client should expected them.

Or should we tell partners to manually put icons into the customAssets?

One option would be to get rid off any references to icons that are not distributed. That would mean de-assigning special icons from the root model.

On the other hand there is a set of icons in the root model that were there as standard. We could move them out to a special package and from now on distribute root model without those icons (and provide the new package separately for backwards compatibility).

Or we could go on as we do now and pre-fill the customAssets folder with the “standard” icons on project creation.

I’d forgo the third option. Prefilling it with some content would beat the purpose of having dedicated folder for custom stuff that differs by instance and it would complicate the deployment.

I’d prefer removing them from the model. If there’s requirement to use them, it would then part of custom instance setting and they would have to be added into the customAssets folder manually.

On the other hand we provide a default menu in the Root Menu package. It would be nice to have some good icons for those menu items. Otherwise we are stuck with delivering plain menu with no icons just because it is a root package.

Previously the New Project Wizard would install the standard icons as part of the installation. I suppose we could still do it.

I think this would be for the best.