Moving of rows with ordering is not correct

When the panel sorting is set on a different column than the one used as OrderMember, clicking on buttons Move Up and Move Down doesn’t change the order correctly.


What is consider as correct result in such case?

I would expect that Move Up will decrease the value, e.g. from 3 to 2. That is the behavior when the sorting is set on the OrderMember column. When the sorting is set on a different column, it behaves the other way around.

The problem is that “up” means something else to the user depending on the sorting.

When sorted ascending it is intuitive that the row goes up graphically.

When this is not the case — the row wouldn’t move up after clicking, decreasing the value makes no sense at all. Increasing (up) makes more sense.

Anyway, the typical use case for order member would be with sorting. I cannot see many cases where it would make sense from the UX point of view.

I agree that this is more hypothetical, but the buttons are there with and influence only the order, so the sorting should be always the same.

When we were trying the behaviour it felt really strange that the value was going “down” when clicking “up” on a non-sorted column.

@tvavrda Is there something to do or should I close this issue?

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