Namespace for fs - fileExists

Namespace fs for xslt method FileExists not working in entity rules. Namespace is missed. Can you add it? It will be cool for checking if file exist in conditional rule or entity rule.

ERROR FluorineFx.Messaging.MessageBroker [(null)] <(null)> - Vykonání pravidla ‘ER_AG_Reference_FileNotExist’ se nezdařilo.
FluorineFx.Messaging.MessageException: Vykonání pravidla ‘ER_AG_Reference_FileNotExist’ se nezdařilo. —> System.Exception: Vykonání pravidla ‘ER_AG_Reference_FileNotExist’ se nezdařilo. —> System.Xml.XPath.XPathException: Unrecognized extension function namespace: prefix=‘fs’, namespace URI=’’

Hi Filip,

I suppose you are using it in ER (validation rule). The namespace has to be declared in a xml header of your ER xslt validation rule. So you can (and you must :-)) declare it yourself.

so use.:

Did it help?

But declare namespace is only posible in validation rule or complex rule. In entity rule this is not possible.

Tell me where…

In case of XPath (condition) rules it shouldn’t be neccessary to define any namespace and it should work automatically.

At the end, the reason why it doesn’t work fow you is that the fs library functions was added on may 2016 (so it’s not included in 2016.3) but in 2016.11.