New record becomes invisible when there is an active filter in detail screen section

I was trying to add a new record in a master-detail screen in a detail screen section. A filter in the detail screen section had been active.

I was expecting to see a new record and to be able to fill it.

Instead I wasn’t able to see the newly added record unless I disabled the filter.

Steps to replicate:

  1. in Demo project open Menu > Widgets > Sections > Master Detail
  2. Make sure there are some data in the screen. If there aren’t any, enter a new master record and fill a couple of detail records in the ‘Details’ sub tab & save
  3. In the ‘Details’ sub tab set some filter to filter some port of detail records
  4. click on plus icon to add a new record
  5. Record is not visible

Note: adding a new record in a filtered grid works well on a master screen

This seems to be a more general problem. The filters hide new rows in all eager loaded grids.

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