NewLine in concat function

I need concat name of project and name of business partner as new field in entity. Each on separate line. I created calculate field with function concat, add all field. But I don´t know how add new line between concat field. I try hex code (0x0A) and html code for new line as string constant, but this is not working. In function is only space.

Exist some possible solution how do it?

Where? In an XSLT transformation?

No, in calculate field - entity field. I need this for pipeline view. Exist some other solution except SQL function? (as IP Polna and calender view)

I am not sure if pipeline view would accept a new line. For a calculated field it is not possible to specify a new line character. The only way how to achieve this is using a database function.

In pipeline is only one line for PipelineNameMember?

@washi can you tell if PipelineNameMember would support multiple lines?

Currently PipelineNameMember is only single line. Support for multiple lines would mean redesign of the view.

Thanks @washi. I think, that name of business partner could be good show in pipeline view.