Not displaying "č" at the end of words in pdf generated from FastReport

Hi Tomáš,

this works!

But there was a problem to build the library because linux was missing pango. I have found this article missing package: pangocairo - The Battle for Wesnoth Forums and added a missing dependency:

sudo apt-get install libpango1.0-dev

(it could be done in one command in getting dependencies)

Then after installation and restarting docker it works!


  • Will you add this rebuilding of libgdiplus library to standard origam docker distribution or should we build our own docker for each solution?

Makes sense that we provide the base image with the rebuilt library so it works with FastReport by default.

Could you contribute?

Here is the DockerFile:

Sure, I can prepare it … I will post the pull request when it will be ready.

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I only don’t know how to correctly test it because I am missing HTML5 directory to copy files into docker image based on dockerfile.

COPY --chown=origam:origam HTML5 /home/origam/HTML5
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It has been built, you can test it.

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Great! Works perfectly:

in my origam/server:master-latest (few days old):

in origam/server:2021.2-beta.1.2108

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A small fix:

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