Not displaying "č" at the end of words in pdf generated from FastReport


user environment


PDF document generated

Initial conditions:

  • I have created a FastReport scheme .frx
  • There are different words using “č” – for example “Kč” or “čištění” (the preview in FastReport looks good, I am using Ubuntu font)

Steps to reproduce:

I open the PDF document in User Environment

Expected result:

All letters “č” will be visible in the pdf document.

Current result:

On places, where letter “č” is situated at the end of a word, it is not displayed in the pdf document.

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If you put more letters would it display? Is it really just “č” specifically?

Does it display well in FastReport designer preview?
Can you try displaying it using Architect? (Go to the menu model -> right click on the menu -> Execute and navigate through the desktop GUI).

When I write “Kč” it does not display “č” in the pdf
When I writhe “Kč ř” it does display “Kč ř” in the pdf.
When I write “Kč čč” it does display just “K” in the pdf.

In all cases it is displayed correctly in the FastReport preview.
I tried it with all this letters at the end of a word “ěščřžýáíéúů” and only “č” is not working properly, any other words look ok, so far as I could see.
I do not know, how to display the button “Vytvoř plachtu” in the desktop GUI in the Architect (i see the Menu, but the button is not displayed), so I could not test this situation.

The button should be in the toolbar on the top of the screen. Desktop does not support the button placement inside the screen section. If not there, just switch it to “Toolbar” then it should definitely show up in the Architect’s toolbar.

I see, thanks for the guiding. I found the button, but when I press it and wanted to save the document, I am not able to choose any suffix. If I press SAVE, than an error appears - “Value cannot be null. Parameter name: type”.

What shall I do now? I am not able to download the report using Architect, so I can not tell if the letter “č” is displayed correctly or not.

Please try the latest server master build. It has an upgraded FastReports engine.

The update to the latest master version 7145 did not helped (nor in the user interface nor in the Architect).
What more, now when I am Dicconnecting the Model in Architect, an error occurs.

I updated Architect (via Setup_Master_Setup_master_7145_artifacts), updated Docker as well, but still no “č” at the end of somer words.
Another czech letters are displayed.

In FastReport preview all letters are visible, in user interface of Origam (pdf document) not. I am not able to display the preview in Architect.

Comparison of previes in FastReprot and Origam UserInterface.

Did you try to use the built-in font or add custom fonts to your Docker image?

I am using the built-in font of Docker. There is not a custom Docker image in this project created yet. In this case I created the FastReport using font Microsoft Sans Serif for the not working text.

So can you try using the font mentioned here for the design of your report instead of MS Sans Serif?

I used DejaVu Sans Mono in the FastReport and the preview there was ok. Anyway in the Origam UserInterface the “č” at the end of words is still not displayed.

I will try to create custom Docker Image and I will see what will happen.

So I tryed to create custom Docker Image and I am using font Arial. The FastReport is also created in Arial font.
The letter “č” is still missing at the end of all words. It is the one exeption of czech diacritics - I tried again other specific czech letters s and those are displayed correctly at the end of words.

Bad. Could you please help us by submitting an issue to GitHub - FastReport? Please link the issue here afterwards.

Issue reported - Not displaying "č" at the end of words using FastReport .frx document in Origam · Issue #288 · FastReports/FastReport · GitHub

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Cool. Not sure if it helps them to know you use ORIGAM as they probably have no idea. Instead maybe tell them we are using the latest FastReport Opensource release 2021.2.0 on Linux .net 5 docker image (also did not work on .net core 3.1). We use standard Microsoft .net core/.,net 5 docker base images.


Thanks for this idea (I have not tried it yet), but my colleague found a workaround for the missing “č”.

If in the FastReport is added at the end of a word a sign for a No-break space [Chr(160)] according to ASCII and ANSI Character Table, the letter “č” will not disappear and is visible also in the PDF in ORIGAM runing on Linux.