ORIGAM Downloads have a new home

We are moving the downloads to the GitHub releases as we continue to make ORIGAM more free and transparent.

From now on we will publish the releases at Releases · origam/origam-source · GitHub.

We will work continually on improving the way how release notes/changelog is published. But you can check the commit history anytime.

Master-Branch Versioning Change

Master release used to have a strange version number 0.0.0.buildnumber. We are changing that. When we publish a stable build (last one is 2021.1 we will start a new version. In this case 2021.2.

From then on there will be a new release published (nightly build) under tag 2021.2.0.beta1. The beta number will increase until next stable release (e.g. after beta10 we make a stable).

Under this tag you will always find this version.

The DLL file version will go like this: 2021.2.0.buildnumber.